Andy & Adrian

Andy & Adrian graced the airwaves of JOY 94.9 from 2004 through to 2012, spending most of that time waking up listeners on Tuesday and Thursday Breakfast.

They grew up onair, sharing their lives with listeners. They started out as young bachelors and ended as (practically) married husbands with mortgages and kids, all the while taking their listeners through the journey of their lives. They also interviewed guests, and lots of them, including Adam Lambert, GLEE Stars Lia Michelle and Corey Monteith, KD Lang, Carrie Fisher, Joan Rivers, Boyzone, Margaret Cho, Pam Ann, Tori Amos, Jason Donovan and even a Minogue or two.

They ended their time onair to start new chapters of their lives, and were inducted as JOY 94.9 Life Members in 2013.